Welcome to the Tibetan Meditation Center

Traditional Buddhism for contemporary living


With our community you can begin to relax and return to yourself – to open the heart and mind to bigger possibilities. We offer ancient teachings for modern times.

We offer teachings about what causes suffering and how to eliminate suffering. Our center is under the direction of Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoché.

The Tibetan Meditation Center is currently open for in-person participation.  Please see below for important updates to our guidelines. 


Phagmodrupa Teaching

 Tuesdays and Saturdays/  9:00 AM (EST)

 Until Completed


 Zoom Meeting ID:  217 404  PW: drikungtmc

Lamp Offering

 Sunday, Nov 28/  10:00 AM (EST)

 Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche will lead a lamp offering as well as the special prayer to be reborn in Dewachen and King of the Nobles prayer.


 Zoom Meeting ID:  217 404  PW: drikungtmc

Post-Thanksgiving Potluck!

 Sunday, Nov 28/  After Practice

 JOIN US for our post-Thanksgiving potluck after practice on Sunday, November 28. Bring a dish to share and enjoy a meal with Dharma brothers and sisters. Even in these troubled times, we have lots to be thankful for.


Texts for Upcoming Events

Please feel free to download these texts for your personal use.

For additional texts, please visit the Resources tab.

Engaging by Stages in the Teachings of the Buddha – English

Engaging by Stages in the Teachings of the Buddha – Spanish

The Ruby Garland: Amitabha Sadhana – sadhana

The Ruby Garland: Amitabha Prayer – text

Bardo Prayer – English   Vietnamese  Spanish

Simhanada – practice text

Vajrayogini – Sea of Blessings

Chenrezig – concise sadhana

Hundred Teachings From The Heart – explanation text

Vajrayogini – explanation text

Vajrayogini – short practice text

Beautiful Aerial Videos of TMC

See aerial videos of the TMC in Summer and Winter.  TMC is grateful to Mr. Cain Yentzer for creating such wonderful views of our Center!

TMC COVID-19 Guidelines – Updated August 7, 2021

We are currently open for in-person participation at all TMC events, although Zoom and FaceBook Live options will continue.

We hope to ease our guidelines as the COVID situation allows. However, our first priority is doing everything we can to hold our events in a way that is as safe as possible for everyone.

Please consider these guidelines carefully when planning to attend in-person, and we hope to see you soon!

  • Please come to the TMC only if you are fully vaccinated.
  • Masks are required while indoors at the TMC.
  • If you feel under the weather – or ill at all – please do not come to TMC.
  • If you believe you have recently been exposed to COVID – please do not come to the TMC.
  • Please practice social distancing in the Shrine Room.
  • Please refrain from entering areas of the TMC other than the Shrine Room and entrance area.  If you wish to visit the basement Bookstore, please do so from the outside basement entrance.
  • Everyone must make his or her own decisions about activities during the pandemic.  If you are uncomfortable with the COVID risk of gathering in our Shrine Room, we hope you will join on ZOOM instead. Our primary concern is the health and peace of mind of everyone.

NEW! TMC Memorial Wall

The newest addition to our Center is a beautiful Memorial Wall, constructed as a way to keep our loved ones alive in our hearts and minds after they pass on. The Memorial Wall, which is located near the Stupa, includes 108 niches, each of which is covered by a copper plaque.  Please go to the Participate section of this site for details on how you can participate.

Video Library of Recent Events

Zoom and FB Live videos of recent teachings and practices led by Khenpo Rinpoché can be found on his YouTube channel.


The Tibetan Meditation Center continues the 2600-year-old Buddhist tradition of providing the teachings freely to all who aVAJnterested. We have no paid staff and the center is run entirely by volunteers. All financial support comes from the generosity of people who value what we do. Donations support all expenses, including programs, visiting teachers, publications, and the website.

There are Donation Boxes for the accumulation and support of the Tibetan Meditation Center. They are located outside in the outdoor Shrine and Amitabha Stupa for you to use as your outdoor practice. This is available for you so that you may visit the Tibetan Meditation Center and support its altruistic aspirations.

All donations are tax-deductable as Tibetan Meditation Center is an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.