Sadhana and Texts from Recent and Upcoming Practices

Please feel free to download these texts for your personal use.

  • Dhammapada Text – English
  • The Stream of Blessings: a Sadhana of the Teacher, Lord Buddha (Shakyamuni) – English
  • Amitaus Practice – Achieving Immortality / The practice of Amitayus according
    to the tradition of Machig Drupay Gyalmo – English
  • chakrasamvara practice-The Visualization of the Three-Layered Protection Sphere of Tummo-English
  • Uprooting Samsara – The Regular Practice of Kunrig (Sarwabid Vairochana) – English
  • The Exceedingly Concise Sādhana of Peaceful Guru Padmasaṃbhava – English
  • A Brief Practice of Manjushri Jnana Sattva called The Wisdom of Light – English, Spanish
  • The Meditation and Mantra Recitation of the Medicine Buddha called the “Drop of Ambrosia” – English
  • Purified Drop of Immortality: A Longevity Mandala Sadhana of the With-Fulfilling Chakra, Arya Tara – English
  • Jewel Ornament of Liberation Reference Guide – English Draft
  • Drikung Phowa Practice – English
  • Tibetan Meditation Center Book of Prayers – English
  • The White Crystal Rosary – The Practice of the Fivefold Mahāmudrā Made Easy to Understand
  • The Exceedingly Concise Liturgy of a Bodhisattva’s Confession of Downfalls
    called The Complete Purification of Karmic Obscurations – English
  • Four Dharmas of Gampopa – Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin – English
  • The Great Drigung Phowa Jag-Tshug-Ma. The Standing Blade of Grass – English
  • The Meditation and Recitation of Amitabha – English
  • Bardo Prayer – English
  • Vajrayogini – short practice – Spanish
  • Sadhana of Chokyi Drolma, Protectress of the Teachings – English
  • Vajrapani , The Very Precise Daily Practice – English
  • Red Tara Sadhana: Daily Recitation of Arya Tara of Overpowering Activities from
    the Primordial Lord, Wish-fulfilling Tantra “The Lotus Hook of Attainment”  – English
  • White Tara Sadhana: “Purified Drop of Immortality”, A Longevity Mandala Sadhana of the Wish-Fulfulling Chakra, Arya Tara – English
  • Green Tara Sadhana – A Sadhana of Venerable Tara Called Udamvara Flower  – English
  • Meditative Recitation of Vajrasattva – Spring Retreat
  • Peaceful Guru Practice – English
  • Mindfulness  – English
  • Drikung Kagyu Ngondro Practice – English
  • Ngondro Practice – Spanish
  • Word of Dharmakirti – English
  • Dharmapala Puja – Text
  • Treasury of Siddhis: Sadhana of the Main Deity and Retinue of the Sambhogakaya Medicine Buddha Guru – English
  • The Guru Yoga of Jetzun Zhepa Dorje – English
  • The Ruby Garland Amitabha – English Text
  • White Zhambhala Practice – English Text
  • Thiry Five Buddhas of Confession – Text
  • Vajrayogini Commentary for Winter Retreat – English
  • Vajrasatva Practice – English
  • A Hundred Teachings From The Heart – Explanation Text (english)
  • Lama Chodpa – Text (english)
  • 14 Root Downfalls – Text (english)
  • Achi – Sadhana (english)
  • Manjushri – Sadhana (english)
  • Smoke offering and White Dzambala – Text (english)
  • Engaging by Stages in the Teachings of the Buddha – English
  • Engaging by Stages in the Teachings of the Buddha – Spanish
  • The Ruby Garland: Amitabha Sadhana – sadhana
  • The Ruby Garland: Amitabha Prayer – text
  • Bardo Prayer – English   Vietnamese  Spanish
  • Simhanada – practice text
  • Vajrayogini – Sea of Blessings
  • Chenrezig – concise sadhana
  • Chenrezig – Sadhana (english)
  • Vajrayogini – explanation text
  • Vajrayogini – short practice text

Free Book for Monks and Nuns

    Khenpo Tsultrim has prepared a book of instruction called Dealing with Monastic Precepts.  Thanks to a kind donor, this book is available without charge to anyone who is already ordained in a Buddhist tradition; we ask only that they pay for shipping.  The book is in three parts: Nagarjuna’s Verses for a Noble Mula-Sarvastivadin Monk accompanied by Khenpo’s explanation; Chapter 3 of Jigten Sumgon’s Gong Chig with Khenpo’s commentary; and a life story of the Buddha’s son Rahula, who is widely regarded as being the first novice monk and a continuing inspiration for them.  It is entirely in English. 

    To obtain a copy, please contact the TMC (see the “Contact Us” section under the “Participate” tab at the top) to make arrangements.