Other TMC Lamas

Lama Padma Rigzin

Lama Padma Rigzin was born in Ladakh, India, known as Little Tibet. He joined the monastery when he was seven years old and has been a monk since that time. In 1999 he began living and studying at the Drigung Kagyu Rinchen Palri Society in Kathmandu, Nepal. He earned his Lopon (Spiritual Master) certificate in 2018 from the Drigung Institute of Nepal (The Higher Educational Institute of the Sutras, Tantras, Cultural Science and the Research Center).

Before making his first trip to the U.S. in 2022, to join TMC, Lama Rigzin had traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, responding to requests for his assistance in matters of ritual practice, text preservation and digitization, and construction/maintenance of sacred spaces. He has brought these skills and expertise to TMC. In addition to leading our evening meditation session, he has led deity practice and instruction on ritual musical instruments and torma making. Aside from religious activities, Lama Rigzin has been an enthusiastic contributor to maintaining and improving the grounds at TMC and to organizing and digitizing practice texts.

Lama Rigzin has been a cheerful and devoted addition to our TMC family.