White Dzambhala Thangka


White Dzambhala 11″ x 14″

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White Dzambhala 11″ x 14″

  • high quality giclee print from hand-painted original artwork
  • painted area 11″ x 14″, entire thangka 21″ x 31″
  • colorful, traditional brocade border

White Dzambhala is the compassionate manifestation of the Avalokiteshavara / Chenrezig / Kwan Yin. He can remove the suffering of poverty and sickness, purify non-virtuous karma and karmic obstacles, avert disaster and sickness, and evolve bodhichitta mind. He sits on a Snow Lion or Dragon, a mongoose in his left hand spits out precious diamonds and ornaments. White Dzambhala has white colored body. He also is holding a Wealth Banner in his left hand.